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9 Organs You Can Actually Live Without

4 / 9 Bladder Dream Master/shutterstock Patients with bladder cancer or, on rare occasion neurogenic bladder (when a problem with the nervous system affects bladder control), will need the organ removed—and the prostate and lymph nodes or uterus, ovaries and possibly part of the vagina along with it, says Georges-Pascal Haber, MD, PhD, urologist with… Read More »

Restricting abortion is actually good for business

Recently, in a high-profile move that garnered significant media attention, chief executives from 187 companies, including Twitter, Warby Parker, and Yelp, signed onto a letter declaring that abortion restrictions are “bad for business.” Appearing as a full-page ad in the New York Times, the declaration trotted out all the usual tropes, lies, and euphemisms popular… Read More »

10 Things You Had No Idea Were Actually Covered in Fecal Matter

Everyone poops—but they should really wash their hands better afterward. Check out all the places where dangerous fecal bacteria may lurk. Cookie Studio/Shutterstock Most people expect to find E. coli and other nasty feces-related bacteria in the bathroom. But those same germs can travel to places you may not expect, and where they’re definitely not… Read More »

These ‘health food’ labels are actually misleading crap

Don’t let the buzzwords fool you — these so-called “health foods” are total BS. From “uncured” meat to “lightly sweetened” cereals, food companies use all kinds of fancy-sounding words to trick us into eating junk, says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., professor of food studies at NYU and author of “Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the… Read More »

Daily on Healthcare: Healthcare legislation that Trump and Democrats may actually be able to agree on

Smart content. Deeper culture. Better access.  Become a subscriber to the Washington Examiner magazine. SIGN UP! If you’d like to continue receiving Washington Examiner’s Daily on Healthcare newsletter, SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://newsletters.washingtonexaminer.com/newsletter/daily-on-healthcare/ Healthcare legislation that Trump and Democrats may actually be able to agree on. Senators see a opening for legislation to eliminate unexpected massive medical… Read More »