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Eighth death linked to vaping as illnesses surge around the United States

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said the man had normal lung function before he started to vape in May. He developed mild respiratory symptoms that worsened, and was hospitalized on August 22. “This is an unfortunate case of a young man with no prior lung illness who started vaping because of chronic… Read More »

The pill has been around since the ’60s — are we finally going to see one for men?

For 60 years, women have had the power to prevent unplanned pregnancy — and the responsibility for contraception was firmly placed on them. From the pill to the coil to the implant and modern fertility apps such as Natural Cycles, dozens of contraceptives have been developed for women, while for men the options have remained… Read More »

Why we should change the language around mental health

Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK. We need to change the language around mental illness. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Hearing that someone committed suicide doesn’t accurately report what happened to that person. The phrase “committed suicide” insinuates that someone had a choice in how they died. That this person made that decision. When, in fact,… Read More »