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5 Grains That'll Help Boost Your Gains

This may be the most exciting era for carbs since the invention of sliced bread. Last year, whole grains landed at the top of a list of recommendations for preventing colorectal cancer. The evidence showed that three servings a day reduced risk of the disease by 17 percent, and was stronger than just fiber intake… Read More »

New Medicaid Expansion States Could Boost UnitedHealth, Centene

A yard sign promoting Initiative 427, the Medicaid Expansion Initiative, is seen in Omaha, Neb. Oct 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Votes to expand Medicaid in Nebraska, Idaho and Utah could benefit health insurance companies like Centene and UnitedHealth Group that have already made successful forays into administering benefits for poor Americans in several states.… Read More »