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Acid reflux in babies who are breastfed

All soothing for this baby should be at the breast. Your doctor will have some suggestions for you to try. If handled properly, the disruption to the breastfeeding relationship can be minimized. It can be easy to isolate yourself when your baby has reflux. Parents can consider a number of options for treating their baby… Read More »

Premature Babies Are Less Likely To Be Breastfed Says Study

Breastfed (Photo credit: Getty) Washington D.C, May 15: According to a recent study, ‘early term’ infants are less likely to be breastfed than full-term infants within the first hour and at one month after birth. The study also found that the early-term infants had lower exclusive breastfeeding and lower breastfeeding intensity during the first 72… Read More »