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A 7th person has died from vaping-related causes. The CDC is stepping up its probe of e-cigarette illnesses

California will launch a $ 20 million ad campaign to warn against the dangers of vaping, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday, the same day health officials said a 40-year-old had died over the weekend from complications related to using e-cigarettes. Vaping-related illness recently killed another person in California, plus one person each in Kansas, Illinois,… Read More »

Health Tip: Causes of Amnesia

News Consumer News Health Tip: Causes of Amnesia — Amnesia is a temporary loss of memory. Those with amnesia can forget facts, information and experiences, says Mayo Clinic. Mayo mentions these potential causes of amnesia: Stroke. Brain inflammation. Heart attack. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Long-term alcohol abuse. Brain tumors. Seizures. Certain medication. Concussion. If you or… Read More »