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Intermittent Fasting A Trendy New Way To Diet, But Researchers Say More Studies Need To Be Done – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Losing weight is always a top New Year’s resolution. This year, a lot of people are talking about and trying intermittent fasting as an option to lose weight. Becca Fischer decided to give it a try after her boyfriend committed to fasting at the start of the new year. “For the last… Read More »

How gestational diabetes test is done

A discussion of healthy foods and how gestational diabetes test is done to make choices that keep your blood sugars at normal levels. Let’s remember that in other parts of the world they fare just fine in pregnancy as it is a natural process that God created. The navigation menu has been collapsed. How it’s… Read More »

The Supreme Court isn’t done with the ACA case yet. Here are the next steps.

Tuesday’s one-sentence order from the U.S. Supreme Court denying a request to fast-track the challenge to the Affordable Care Act is not the final word from the high court. The justices will now decide whether to take up the legal case threatening to overturn the landmark law during their next term, which begins in October.… Read More »

The vast majority of studies have been done on longjing tea

Polyphenols have blocked lipid peroxidation, scavenging enzymes. According to the Japanese Okuda Billiton Yong test results confirmed that anti-aging effects of tea polyphenols stronger than vitamin E, 18 times. The vast majority of studies have been done on longjing tea. Inhibition of cardiovascular disease: Polyphenols contribute to the suppression of cardiovascular disease on the human… Read More »