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An Extensive List of Every Single Thing Rihanna Has Done Instead of Give Us a New Album

Rihanna has not released an album for 1,337 days. Not that I’m counting! JK, I totally am keeping track, because as much as I love to listen to “Where Have You Been” at the gym…I can’t help but feel like maybe I’d be even more motivated if I had a new Rihanna-filled playlist. Ever since… Read More »

Optometrist explains why women shouldn’t wear mascara every day of the week

These days, most women have a daily make-up routine, which they follow to a T. They might moisturise and prime their face before swiping on some foundation, filling in their brows and sweeping some mascara onto their lashes. And while you might think this minimal make-up isn’t doing much harm, an expert has warned that… Read More »