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Man claims maggots used to eat away infection in foot saved his life

Matthew Blurton had been volunteering in The Gambia, Africa, in December 2017 when he became feverish and was unable to stand after the suspected bite turned into a blister.  (Kennedy News and Media) WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW A U.K. man said he is lucky to be alive and credits the 400 maggots used to eat… Read More »

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The Burning Question: Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Increasing Burn-Care Costs?

By CELIA BELT  Each year in the United States, half a million Americans will be treated for burns so severe as to require hospitalization. The “survivors”—including more than three hundred children each day and a drastically increasing number of U.S. military members since the turn of the millennium—can be expected to undergo arduous, agonizing surgeries and… Read More »

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