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UHS sees net income, revenue gains in Q1

Dive Brief: Universal Health Services reported net revenue increased to $ 2.8 billion in the first quarter of 2019 — a 4% boost from the year prior, according to financial documents released Thursday. Results fell short of financial analysts’ expectations, which placed net revenue at $ 2.82 billion. Net income grew to $ 234.2 million… Read More »

Stretching: Less pain, other gains

As you get older, your toes may seem farther away. Stretching to reach them can take a lot more effort than it once did. But while it may be tempting to shrug and assume that losing flexibility is just a cost of aging, it’s nothing to take in stride. It can affect your balance and… Read More »

5 Grains That'll Help Boost Your Gains

This may be the most exciting era for carbs since the invention of sliced bread. Last year, whole grains landed at the top of a list of recommendations for preventing colorectal cancer. The evidence showed that three servings a day reduced risk of the disease by 17 percent, and was stronger than just fiber intake… Read More »