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What is a 4th generation HIV test?

Fourth-generation HIV tests can detect both HIV antibodies and p24 antigens, whereas older versions only check for antibodies. This means the newer tests can provide a quicker diagnosis than the previous ones. Many clinics and healthcare providers offer free HIV testing. The process is straightforward, and it usually involves taking a small sample of blood,… Read More »

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Generation Z is scrapping smartphones for flip phones

Mackenzie Bergin, 22, was sick of staring at her iPhone 6s. “Instagram was a dangerous pull,” she tells The Post. “I just got lost in the void.” The Brooklyn College student tried to kick the habit: She downloaded time-management apps and changed her display to black-and-white to make scrolling less enticing. But when her phone… Read More »

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Our Generation Is Less Healthy Than Our Predecessors

Health trends over the decades can be puzzling when analyzed. It seems to be conflicting, developments make it difficult to understand where the future generations are striving in terms of overall health. With greater access to healthcare and new technology to fight crippling diseases in the past, it may seem that there is hope for… Read More »

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