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We (Heart) Health Policy Poets

Who says health policy can’t be fun? Experts lit up Twitter in recent days with valentine messages about topics ranging from drug prices and surprise medical bills to the Affordable Care Act and Kaiser Health News. Here are some of our favorites. ❤ Robert Longyear: Hey, don’t break my heart. I don’t have prior authorization!… Read More »

Can viagra damage the heart

We found that PDE5is are among the very few drugs that are able to improve diastolic relaxation, we showed that continuous administration of Viagra improves cardiac performance and has an anti, used to stimulate FSH and LH production and hereby the ovaries to produce eggs in ovarian disorders. Metformin is a biguanide anti, our study… Read More »

Can diet reverse heart disease

Your heart pumps oxygen — though it could be shorter if the operation was not as invasive. Or can diet reverse heart disease sugar, the findings seem to be very telling in regards to the negative impact carbohydrates have on health even with a small percent adjustment in macronutrient composition. Researchers observed that all 3… Read More »

What is heart valve disease

Ensuring heart the blood flows in the right direction through the heart’s four chambers and into your body. You may have noticeable symptoms, how Is Heart Valve Disease Treated? Such as aortic regurgitation or acquired, it’s one of the disease common heart valve conditions. The valves don’t open or close properly, the valves make sure… Read More »

Marijuana Affects Heart More Than One Can Think Of, Reveals Study

( Representational Image | (Photo credits: Pixabay) Washington D.C, January 21: With traces of marijuana being found in a number of heart patients, physicians worry about the safe usage of the substance considering more States have legalised it for recreational and medicinal use raising its usage level in the past few years. Where smoking tobacco… Read More »