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Initiatives help to reduce radiation exposure from imaging exams

National campaigns encouraging the more judicious use of radiological studies are having an impact in reducing Americans’ medical radiation doses. That’s the findings of a new report from the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, which was released this week. The results indicate the effectiveness of national initiatives—in particular, The Image Gently and Image… Read More »

Why Trump’s health care cost transparency drive doesn’t actually help anyone – NBC News

President Donald Trump recently announced concrete steps to improve transparency in health care costs. They seem like slam-dunk moves that will right one of the great wrongs in our current system: that people generally have no idea what they are paying until they are presented with a nonnegotiable bill. But despite the seeming logic of… Read More »

Arthritis drugs could be repurposed to help prevent breast cancer spreading to the bone, study suggests

Drugs commonly used to treat arthritis may help to prevent breast cancer spreading to the bone, where it is incurable, new research suggests. In a major new study published in Nature Communications, scientists propose that NHS arthritis drugs anakinra, canakinumab and sulfasalazine could in future be repurposed to help treat breast cancer, following the discovery of… Read More »

New understanding of an antibiotic could help tackle drug-resistant pathogen

A drug-resistant pathogen which causes hospital-acquired infections that are very difficult to treat is one step closer to being tackled, thanks to new research from the University of Warwick and Cardiff University. Researchers at the Department of Chemistry in the University of Warwick have made a breakthrough in understanding the enzymes that assemble the antibiotic… Read More »