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Cases of ‘eliminated’ rubella jump in Aust

A spike in cases of the contagious viral illness rubella has been recorded just months after Australia was declared “rubella-free”. NSW Health on Tuesday said 13 cases had been reported nationwide in 2019, with seven identified in NSW. Australia hasn’t recorded more than 17 cases in a single year in any of the past five… Read More »

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Do You Want to Jump on the Ketogenic Diet Train?

The latest dietary fad is the ketogenic diet. It might seem like the best thing to hi the weight-loss scene, but in reality it is not new and has been around for almost 100 years. Going on a high fat fat, low-carb diet forces the body run off of its fat stores. The body enters… Read More »

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Pornhub reports jump in viewership amid government shutdown

As the partial government shutdown heads into its 28th day, Pornhub has reported a spike in traffic — coinciding with the same time some federal workers have stayed home from work. The site’s Insights team analyzed data from Jan. 7 to Jan. 11, and found that not only has PornHub seen an almost six percent increase in visitors, it’s also… Read More »

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