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Hit the gym to last twice as long in bed

Consider this your motivation to get today’s workout done By Annie Hayes Posted on November 8, 2018 Science boffins often tell us about things we don’t want to hear, like a global warming-induced beer shortage or that our gym equipment is loaded with disgusting germs. But every now and again, gratifying research comes along to… Read More »

How to Stay Healthy on Long Road Trips  

Long road trips give you a sense of freedom and enable you to see all the marvels made by Mother Nature and human beings. Trips are fun and entertaining and give you a chance to escape the boring, repetitive schedule. However, you need to stay healthy when on long road trips and safe as well.… Read More »

Turn Bingo Wings Into Long, Lean Muscle With This One Simple Move

Got bingo wings? Well, Annie, get your guns with this simple and effective move: the triceps extension. PSA: those oft-ignored soft-and-squishies behind your biceps need more TLC, especially if you want to get more definition in your arms. That’s because they’re made up of three components and are the bigger parts of your upper arms,… Read More »