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Popcorn stuck in man’s tooth leads to life-threatening infection, open heart surgery

A 41-year-old British man who attempted to dislodge a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth using various objects claims he later developed a life-threatening infection that required him to undergo open heart surgery.  Adam Martin, a firefighter and father of three from Cornwall, England, said he noticed the piece of popcorn stuck in a back… Read More »

Man’s sickening bathroom find

A Thai man has shared sickening photos of an almost 10 metre long wriggling tapeworm he pulled from his backside while on the toilet. Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, from Udon Thani in Thailand’s north east, felt something “sticking out of his bottom” and moving when he was on the toilet, according to The Sun. The freelance… Read More »

Man’s massive brain tumor discovered after he had trouble seeing the TV: ‘I just thought I needed glasses’

A 21-year-old British man who thought his blurry vision was a sign he required glasses was later diagnosed with a golf ball-sized brain tumor. Harry Mockett, a musician, told South West News Service (SWNS) he first noticed his deteriorating vision when he struggled to read the questions while watching the popular game show “Who Wants… Read More »

This Iowa man’s obituary is comedy gold

Please remember to tip your mortician! Tim Schrandt is now six-feet-under, but his obituary will live on — as material for stand-up comics everywhere. “The “crusty” codger from Iowa died last month after a short battle with cancer, but even that fight was fair game for family laughs, according to the Des Moines Register. “When… Read More »