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CRISPER Technology: The Cutting Edge of Modern Medical Miracles

In modern medicine there is a precise cutting tool called CRISPER Cas9 that is capable of precisely altering the genetic sequences in cells. It is much faster, cheaper, easier to use and more accurate than earlier versions. It was discovered in 2013 at UC Berkeley and it galvanized the medical community. Now only five years… Read More »

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Types of Cancer Treatment: Modern Medical Approach By Ana Doref

Сancer is a famous “killer” of cancer patients, which invariably ranks first in the ratings for prevalence, lethality, and belated diagnosis. Few people know about what methods of examination can detect cancer at an early stage and what modern medicine can offer as a weapon in the fight against a tumor. Malignant neoplasms are a… Read More »

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Modern Man – What Women Want in a Man

by Tim Green aka atoach If you are having trouble getting a woman you want and you are wondering what women want in a man than these tips can help you. Women want a man that is confident in himself. In other words, women want a man that can handle stressful situations by taking the… Read More »

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