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Need to check your thyroid? Maybe not

As medical science advances, we have more tests and biomarkers available to help identify illnesses. Yet overdiagnosis and overtreatment that may occur following abnormal results can cause dangerous adverse effects and costly consequences. Hypothyroidism — a lower than normal range of thyroid hormones — may be the poster child for this problem because it is… Read More »

Endometriosis Pain Can Now Be Treated With Botox: Here’s What You Need to Know

Endometriosis may have a cure. (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Endometriosis may have a cure or solution to the piercing pain. Endometriosis affects about 176 million women, worldwide, regardless of race and ethnicity. It’s a condition where the endometrium grows outside the uterus. The tissues are supposed to grow inside the uterus but they end up growing… Read More »