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Bella Hadid Kisses A Girl (And Probably Likes It) As Part Of The New Calvin Klein Ad – Watch Video

Bella Hadid for the new Calvin Klein ad (Photo Credits: Instagram) Bella Hadid took things a little raunchy in the new Calvin Klein ad. For a campaign that celebrates the idea of loving oneself for all their flaws, Bella teamed up with a virtual influencer, Lil Miquela. “19-year-old robot Lil Miquela blurs the lines of truth… Read More »

All Retirement Journalism Stinks, Part #127

rear view of puzzled man scratching his head against concrete wall filled with question marks Getty I’ve written before that media coverage of retirement issues often, well, stinks. There’s too many click-seeking headlines and not enough deep dives into what’s really going on with retirement savings (which is surprisingly positive). Too many reporters run single-source… Read More »

Healthcare In The Age Of Personalization Part 5: Clinical Implications

This is Part 5 of a six-part series on Healthcare in the Age of Personalization.  Part 4 is here. Healthcare in the Age of Personalization Glenn Llopis Group, LLC We have new capabilities for precision medicine, but that does not automatically mean we’re ready to deliver treatment and prevention for our age of personalization. In… Read More »