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Kambo: A powerful natural medicine you should know about

This post has been written in collaboration with Planet Kambo who provide private and group healing Kambo ceremonies in London. I get really excited when I discover new natural medicines and treatments so when I recently discovered Kambo I couldn’t wait to learn all about it. Most people have never heard of Kambo or the… Read More »

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F.D.A. Approves Powerful New Opioid Despite Warnings of Likely Abuse

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a new form of an extremely potent opioid to manage acute pain in adults, weeks after the chairman of the advisory committee that reviewed it asked the agency to reject it on grounds that it would likely be abused. The drug, Dsuvia, is a tablet… Read More »

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Silver Linings Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, 10 PPM, A Powerful Natural Antibiotic, and Preventative Measure Against Infection, Immune Support, Safe for Adults, Kids, Pets, and Plants, 16 oz

COLLOIDAL SILVER – The answer you’ve been looking for. Whether your ailment is bacteria, fungi, or virus related, colloidal silver can help. It acts like a second immune system and gives your own immune system a boost to fight off illness and promote healing. It has been used for thousands of years to combat infection… Read More »

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