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Anti-smoking warnings ‘lose shock value’

Researchers want health warnings printed on each and every cigarette as the shocking, graphic images printed on packets aren’t convincing smokers to quit. A new Queensland study has recommended individual cigarettes be printed with warnings, including how many minutes of life smokers will lose as they puff. James Cook University’s Aaron Drovandi, who led the… Read More »

Shock find in woman’s tiny ‘pimple’

A woman was shocked to discover a tiny “pimple” above her lip wasn’t actually the blemish she thought it was. Tracy French, from Arcadia in Canada, never thought anything of the light pink mark, thinking it would go away, but after a few years it still remained on her lip. She decided to visit her… Read More »

Public shock for Vic heart attacks helping

Victoria’s paramedics were called to more than 6000 heart attacks during 2017/18. The 6434 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest events were the most ever recorded and 400 more than in 2016/17. Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry data released on Thursday also shows 82 people were defibrillated with a publicly-accessible device during 2017/18 – two more than the… Read More »