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Should you try a low calorie diet?

Once considered faddish, mounting research seems to suggest there’s a place for very low calorie diets, not only for weight loss but for added health benefits.  Editor Anna Magee reports Walk through the weight loss aisles of any pharmacy and you will find an array of weight loss shakes, bars and other potions claiming to… Read More »

Dieting for dummies: What you should know about the top diet trends for 2019 – NorthJersey.com

Rebecca King North Jersey Record Published 3:00 PM EST Dec 27, 2018 Depending on who you talk to, dieting is life-changing, terrible for you, optimistic, misguided, will keep you alive or put you in an early grave. Then there’s all that lingo that comes with mastering the biological theories behind dieting, like ketosis and alkaline… Read More »