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Weight gain on HIV treatment: drug combinations, not single drugs, need to be focus of quest for cause

Weight gain after starting antiretroviral treatment probably has multiple causes but appears strongly linked to specific drugs, and to combinations of drugs, Dr Andrew Hill of the University of Liverpool told the 17th European AIDS Conference in Basel, Switzerland, on Thursday. He highlighted some of the problems with the ways in which the phenomenon has… Read More »

Obamacare is a failure — every single presidential candidate agrees

Every single Democratic presidential candidate has joined President Trump. They all agree that Obamacare is a failure. Healthcare has dominated the first presidential debates, as it should. For the past eight months, healthcare has ranked atop the list of policy issues that concern Americans. One thing that all the candidates have in common is that… Read More »

An Extensive List of Every Single Thing Rihanna Has Done Instead of Give Us a New Album

Rihanna has not released an album for 1,337 days. Not that I’m counting! JK, I totally am keeping track, because as much as I love to listen to “Where Have You Been” at the gym…I can’t help but feel like maybe I’d be even more motivated if I had a new Rihanna-filled playlist. Ever since… Read More »

DoD, VA adopt single healthcare logistics information system

Under a new strategic partnership, the Department of Veterans Affairs will have access to the Defense Logistics Agency’s worldwide procurement system to acquire medical and surgical products, among other items. According to Monday’s announcement, the agreement will have a direct positive impact on quality of care, patient safety and access to care with the adoption… Read More »