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Micropenis: Does Small Penis Mean Bad Sex Life?

Micropenis (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image) Micropenis is one of the conditions of a group of conditions broadly known as the inconspicuous penis. However, it must not be confused with other health issues from this group, like webbed penis and buried penis. Micropenis, also known as microphallus is a condition that causes… Read More »

As NYC declares emergency over measles outbreak in small area, larger city is threatened

A measles outbreak among a small segment of schoolchildren in New York has prompted the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio to declare the public health crisis an emergency in parts of Brooklyn. But the actual danger is the sheer number of children in the the NYC public school system that go unvaccinated — which threatens… Read More »

Smoking a small amount of pot may boost sperm and testosterone, surprised researchers find

When Dr. Jorge Chavarro’s team started investigating marijuana’s effects on sperm, they had every reason to believe weed would prove detrimental to “testicular function,” because other studies had said it to be so. Instead, they found the opposite. Men who had ever smoked marijuana had significantly higher sperm concentrations and sperm counts, as well as… Read More »