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How to support someone with tinnitus

Of all the hardships we face in life, there are few things worse than watching a loved one suffer from a debilitating health condition. The feeling of powerlessness–of wanting to help so desperately when there is nothing you can do–it’s devastating, especially when there isn’t a cure or simple answer. At its worst, tinnitus–the medical… Read More »

Every 15 minutes, someone in the US dies of a drug-resistant superbug

That’s about 35,000 deaths each year from drug-resistant infections, according to the landmark report. The report places five drug-resistant superbugs on the CDC’s “urgent threat” list — two more germs than were on the CDC’s list in 2013, the last time the agency issued a report on antibiotic resistance. Genetic research shows germs have become… Read More »

What to Do If Someone You Love is Suicidal

So, September is World Suicide Prevention Month. Related hashtags have been all over my Twitter feed this month, especially a few days ago, as it was World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s hard to read a person’s personal experiences with suicidal thoughts and attempts, but it is something we cannot ignore. Ignorance – especially intentional ignorance… Read More »