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(WATCH) #NoMoreShame: Charlamagne Tha God and theGrio’s Natasha Alford talk ending stigma around mental health issues in the Black community

In an honest and unfiltered interview at theGrio‘s studios in New York City, radio host Charlamagne The God and Deputy Editor, Natasha S. Alford, unpacked the stigma around mental health in the Black community and how to overcome feelings of depression and isolation. While there’s been a more recent cultural shift to be open about… Read More »

I Write to Fight Mental Health Stigma

— I don’t know what I was expecting when I started this website, Nerve10.com, at the end of July 2017. I wanted it to be an outlet. I wanted to publish meaningful, easy-to-read mental health content— and I was having a hard time finding that kind of content on the Internet. I gave a presentation… Read More »