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How to stop city pollution from aging your skin

Is your city making you look OLD? Dermatologist reveals why we should all drink eight glasses of water by 8pm and exfoliate every day to combat the ageing effects of pollution Air pollutants can reduce antioxidants in skin and disrupt collagen production  New stats show pollution increases by 20% on weekdays compared to weekends Dermatologists… Read More »

Pregnant women urged to stop vaping

Pregnant women are being urged to avoid e-cigarettes and vapes due to a lack of evidence about their safety. E-cigarette researcher Associate Professor Alexander Larcombe says many people believe vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is safer than tobacco smoking during pregnancy. “It is completely unfounded and almost certainly not true,” Dr Larcombe said. “Women and babies… Read More »

Doctors warn men to stop ‘jelqing’ as it could cause erectile dysfunction

Over the last year, many men on Reddit have been discussing a rather unusual topic. It’s something known as ‘jelqing’, and it’s an unpleasant technique that has been believed to help enlarge the penis, by repeatedly stretching it while semi-erect. This process is done over a lengthy period of time and it’s thought that each… Read More »