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How to male fertility test

It’s a good place to start. When a couple have not been able to conceive over the course of at least one year, both partners need to proceed with a comprehensive physical and medical history. A sperm how to male fertility test test is also available for home use. Especially after age 35, a woman’s… Read More »

What is the blood test for malaria

For areas where microscopy is not available, mayo Clinic Q and A: Malaria continues to be a significant travel, malaria is a serious disease caused by a parasite. If your results were negative, you don’t have permission to view this page. Part what is the blood test for malaria: Bad, but especially in African countries.… Read More »

Theranos redux? Not really. But claim of a ‘simple’ test for breast cancer warrants scrutiny

Once again the lure of a “simple” test has made headlines. This time the catalyst was a news release issued by the UK’s National Cancer Research Institute. Its title: “Simple blood test for early detection of breast cancer.” In fact, no such test exists. As the body of the PR news release acknowledged, it’s an… Read More »

Launch of Index At-Home Biological Age Test: Interview with Dr. Morgan Levine, Yale School of Medicine and Head of Bioinformatics at Elysium Health

Elysium Health, a life sciences company selling health products with a particular focus on interventions that target fundamental processes of aging, has developed the Index at-home biological age test. The company claims that the test allows users to determine their biological age at home, and provides science-backed healthy living recommendations that may be able to… Read More »

US airports have hired EBOLA screeners to test blood samples from travelers

US airports have hired EBOLA screeners to test blood samples from travelers coming to the US from countries plagued by the deadly virus Several agencies in the Washington, DC and Las Angeles, California areas recently put out quiet job postings for Ebola screeners  A representative of the Northern Virginia Emergency Medical Services Council confirmed that… Read More »