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Medical News Today: Flu vaccines may shrink tumors and boost cancer treatment

Recent experiments in mouse models have shown that injecting an inactivated flu virus into cancer tumors makes them shrink and boosts the effectiveness of immunotherapy. When it comes to cancer tumors, many factors influence whether or not they will respond to treatment. One of these is whether the tumors are “hot” or “cold.” What does… Read More »

More current polio cases have been caused by vaccines than the wild virus: WHO report

There are now more people who have contracted polio through vaccines than the wild virus itself. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report last week, which recorded nine new polio cases that were caused by the vaccines in four African countries in Nigeria, Central African Republic, Angola and the Congo. A total of 16… Read More »

Pneumonia Vaccines

If you were around when Bonanza was a phenomenon, you’re of the age where your doctor will probably advise you (or even strong-arm you) to get a pneumonia vaccine. You’ll be told it’s a whole lot more effective than flu shots, it’s harmless, and plus, one dose does it forever. No annual boosters. The fact… Read More »