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Exoskeleton Walks to Brain’s Commands

Powered exoskeletons are used to help people with lower limb paralysis get on their feet and allow post-stroke patients to recover faster. They’re pretty impressive devices, but people who are severely disabled, including those suffering from tetraplegia, can’t get much benefit from them. Now, a team of researchers in France has succeeded in getting a… Read More »

Woman left paralysed from the waist down after being hit by a drunk driver walks down the aisle

Woman left paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a drunk driver reveals she walked down the aisle at her own wedding after surgery to remove shards of bone that shattered in her spinal canal Erin Rollins, 33, was told she was lucky to survive the collision in November 2014 Bone from her… Read More »

Paralyzed man walks after groundbreaking spinal implant

That’s one giant leap for humankind. A paralyzed man is back on his feet thanks to a newly developed spinal cord implant. The groundbreaking technology, called epidural electrical stimulation, fills the gaps in damaged spines and revives the ability to translate neural messages from the brain to the spine, according to research published Wednesday in… Read More »