Tips To Managing Your Acid Reflux Problem

You are not guaranteed to be safe from acid reflux. Acid reflux is present in about a third of all Americans. Although acid reflux affects so many people, you may not know how to deal with it. This article is a great way to figure out how to tame this beast.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking now. Acid reflux can be caused or worsened by the use of cigarettes or cigars. It slows down the amount of saliva you produce, increases stomach acid, and slows down digestion. It will weaken your esophagus’ sphincter too. So stop smoking now.

TIP! You reduce your chances of experiencing GERD if you maintain a normal weight. Your esophageal sphincter relaxes whenever excess body fat accumulates, especially on your midsection.

Working out after a meal could cause acid reflux. Too much activity will cause your recently consumed food to move up to your esophagus. Always wait for an hour before you start exercising.

Reflux can be quite painful, sometimes mimicking a heart attack. Don’t ever make the mistake of ignoring serious pain in your chest. This may be a heart attack. Talk to your doctor about your options. Never risk complications or death by misdiagnosing yourself.

TIP! Stress is a major contributor of acid reflux disease. When you are overly stressed out, more acid is produced in the stomach, causing acid reflux.

If you’re pregnant, your baby’s weight may be pushing against the stomach causing acid reflux. Speak with your doctor during your pregnancy to find out different solutions in order to keep the acid reflux at bay.

Do you realize that a food’s pH level has no impact on its ability to form acid in your stomach? Acidic foods like lemons become quite alkaline after they are digested. When you have acid reflux, this could be confusing. Know about the pH levels of the foods you like.

TIP! Try to quit smoking if you are afflicted with acid reflux. Nicotine sparks stomach acid production, causing a rise in acid reflux flares.

Avoid high-fat foods. What this means is that you definitely need to avoid or at least severely cut down on those fatty fried foods, red meat and fast foods. Always look at the labels of the foods you eat to get an idea of how much fat they contain.

Acid Reflux

TIP! To reduce your acid reflux symptoms, lose some weight. One common reason for acid reflux is being overweight.

If you have acid reflux, you should engage in moderate exercise. Walking and water aerobics are two low-impact exercises that can ease acid reflux. When your body is upright, the gravity can help digestion and retain the food in the stomach where it should be.

For those who suffer from acid reflux, chewing cinnamon gum right after eating can help. When gum is chewed, the salivary glands begin working overtime, and this neutralizes stomach acids. You also swallow more often when chewing. Repeated swallowing helps keep the stomach acid and other contents inside the stomach.

TIP! There are many trigger foods that can cause acid reflux. If you avoid or limit those foods, you will have less or no acid reflux.

Drink less during your meal. Drinking too much during meals actually puts more stress on your stomach. This stress places added pressure on areas that may cause acid reflux. Instead only take tiny sips of water during the meal, and save drinking full glasses until between meals.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Try to limit the triggers of stress in your life stemming from school, relationships or personal issues. Stress can cause an influx of acid in the stomach, which cause heartburn.

Surgery may be an option to help control your acid reflux, and you will need to speak with a doctor about it. Your surgeon creates a new stomach valve to eliminate acid from going into your esophagus. This fix will last the rest of your life and could eliminate acid reflux altogether.

First time acid reflux sufferers that are pregnant should carefully search for problem areas in their life. Small, silly things can actually be triggers, and you must identify them. By learning what is causing your acid reflux, you can stop it in its tracks.

TIP! The acidity of the food you eat really doesn’t affect the pH level. High-acid foods, such as lemons, become high-alkaline foods following digestion.

Limit the hot and spicy foods you eat, especially after work. Jalapenos, peppers, and Mexican foods are some examples. Spicy foods can cause acid reflux and indigestion, resulting in extreme pain.

Before sleeping, don’t eat big meals. Wait at least three hours before heading to bed. The extra acids that are caused by the food breaking down may cause heartburn if you lie down on a full tummy.

Acid Reflux

Do not smoke if you want to prevent acid reflux. Not only is smoking bad for your overall health, but it’s bad for your acid reflux, too. Smoking actually increases the productivity of stomach acids and also slows down digestion. It also reduces saliva production. Smoke a few hours after your meal if you have to.

TIP! Original pH has little to do with acid-forming tendencies when it comes to food. Foods that are acidic such as lemons are really highly alkaline when digestion occurs.

Try not to drink very much during meals. Your stomach may become distended as you drink liquids and eat. A full stomach means more pressure than your esophageal sphincter can handle. The esophageal sphincter is what helps push your food down and away from the esophagus.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Don’t self diagnose! If you think you might have acid reflux disease, see a doctor and find out for sure. Ulcers and serious disorders may have the same symptoms of acid reflux.

Smoothies are great for dealing with acid reflux. Mix spinach, bananas and lemon juice with water and blend it for a soothing smoothie. Constipation can promote acid reflux, so eliminating constipation is an effect strategy in fighting the symptoms. The alkaline properties of the drink also soothes the stomach’s acid.

When acid reflux flares, wear loose garments. Tight clothing puts unnecessary pressure on your stomach, which can worsen acid reflux. If you feel things starting to go downhill, get into the those comfy clothes! If you plan to consume a sizable meal, consider donning loose, comfy attire before you sit down to eat.

TIP! If you have acid reflux, then you know how hard it is to eat spaghetti and pizza. Cut the acidity of the tomato based sauce by putting in a small amount of sugar as you cook.

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake if you have acid reflux regularly. Alcohol contributes to weakening your esophagus, which can lead to acid reflux. Light drinking is alright, but don’t overdo it if you want to avoid acid reflux.

Acid Reflux

TIP! There are surgical options available if acid reflux symptoms are too much to tolerate. Fundoplication is a very effective surgical procedure for acid reflux.

As you can now see, many people suffer from acid reflux. If you’re one of them, don’t let it control your life. Take steps to fight it. Just follow the tips presented here to reduce or eliminate your acid reflux symptoms.