200 Graduated Medicine Cups – Plastic Disposable Measuring Cups – Non Sterile – 1oz, 8drams, 30ml, 30cc, 2tbsp – by HomEquip

By | May 6, 2018
200 Graduated Medicine Cups – Plastic Disposable Measuring Cups - Non Sterile – 1oz, 8drams, 30ml, 30cc, 2tbsp – by HomEquip

For the accurate doses of your medication, HomEquip provides you with the perfect measuring cups so you get a precise measurement every day! Our cups are made from disposable BPA-free Graduated Plastic so you’re guaranteed a safe and proper intake of your medicine.


• 1 Fluid Ounce/30 Milliliter Each
• Visible Measuring Markings in Fl Oz., DRAMS, Tbsp., and CC’s
• BPA-Free Polypropylene Plastic
• 100 or 200 Count
• Non-Sterile for Safe Dispensing
• Multifunctional for Various Occasions!


For the perfect size, accurate measuring, and safe disposal, no other medicinal cup can do it better. Our cups provide you with highly accurate markings so that you’re sure you’re getting the most precise measure of your medicine in multiple units. Perfect for home, work, doctor’s offices, dental offices, and senior homes! They’re made from great material that’s BPA-free and safely disposable so that you never have to worry about mixing up medicines in reusable cups or leaving sensitive medication exposed to children and elders.


These small cups work great in settings for smaller children such as day cares and preschools! When regular sized cups are hard to use, our smaller plastic cups work as excellent substitutes so that you can serve kids cups of water, juice, or snacks. Good in the kitchen for handing out mini desserts of cake or ice cream to guests after a nice dinner or makeshift shot glasses at parties! Even without consuming anything, our cups work as great measuring tools for getting the right amount of liquids and powders.

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Great, safe, and highly useful! With 200 in each order, you will find them being a part of your daily routine for months! Get HomEquip Graduated Plastic Medicinal Cups and get fast and accurate results each time!

  • THE PERFECT DOSE EVERY TIME: For great medicinal use, our cups provide you with an absolutely accurate amount every day in fluid ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons, DRAMs, and CCs.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Strong, excellent grade BPA-free plastic is strong and durable so they won’t break or damage easily – perfectly safe material for people of all ages.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PRODUCT: Ideal for people taking doses of medicine in liquid, dry pill, and powder forms but can also be used as cooking measuring cups or baby drinking cups.
  • EASILY DISPOSABLE: Without the need of using contaminated reusable cups at risk of mixing medicine and other liquids, our cups are easily disposable for safety.
  • BULK VALUE PACK: Each order comes with 200 disposable cups so that you rarely have to restock on your home supply or get a single pack for frequent use at offices.