24 Hours In The Life Of A Fitness Editor

By | December 9, 2018

Bench press. Write about it. Lift more weights. Ingest nothing but whey protein powder.

This is what many Men’s Health readers think we get up to, but that’s just a myth, like Bigfoot or that one about the earth being round (just kidding, flat-earthers. That was just us trying to be funny).

In reality, there’s much more to our day-to-day routines, as Digital Writer Daniel Davies demonstrates in this 24-hour diary.

7am – Begin with boxing

I prefer to work out early in the morning, rather than doing a long day at work followed by an intense gym session. You’ll usually find me in a boxing gym – 12×3 in Paddington if you’re interested –  or swimming first thing, as I prefer to build my fitness base by doing sport. I’ll eat something light beforehand because my main breakfast will come after my workout, so I’ll usually grab some fruit and head out.

9am – Breakfast time

After I’ve worked out it’s time for breakfast. On days that I don’t work out early I’ll get up at 8am and have poached eggs on sourdough bread, but if I’m in a rush (which I usually am) I’ll grab some porridge on my way into work and have that at my desk.

10am – Doing the day job

The first part of my day is usually spent responding to emails, making sure the MH social media channels are ticking over and checking for any breaking news in the health and fitness world. Once that’s done, I’ll either write a news story or get on with some of the longer features for the site, which require interviews and speaking to experts in relevant fields.

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1pm – Lunch 

I usually leave the office for an hour to grab lunch, but what I have is very much dependant on how my morning has gone and what my afternoon looks like. If I’ve already worked out then I’ll grab a meal that’s protein-rich – a half chicken is my go-to – but if I have another workout scheduled for after lunch then I won’t want something that’s too heavy. Instead, I’ll go for carbs to fuel my body.

2pm – Back to the gym

After lunch, I’ll usually go and meet a PT or a fitness expert. Today, I’m heading off for a boxing session with grime artist Bugzy Malone, which is a sentence I never thought I’d write.

4pm – Almost done

Having done some pad work and HIIT with Bugzy, I’m heading back to the office to concentrate on social media and making sure my editor knows what I’m planning to do with the content I gathered. No rest for the wicked.

6pm – Time for a run

My work day is done but I’m not quite finished yet. I like taking part in running competitions, and right now I’m training for a half-marathon. I do most of my long-distance training at the weekend, but I’ll do intervals, hill sprints or recovery runs in the evenings after work. I like to get this in as early as possible so my body has a chance to cool down before bed, which helps increase my chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

7:30pm – Taking advice from AJ

It’s crucial that I get a good meal in after working out so much. If I know I’m going to be working out the next day then I’ll have a lot of carbs for dinner, but if I’m not doing as much then I’ll eat less. I once interviewed Anthony Joshua and he said that dinner should be reserved for trying cultural cuisines, and who am I to argue with a pro? Indian or Caribbean food is my favourite, so I tend to eat these foods as much as I can.

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8:30pm – And relax

Time to settle down to watch TV or read. Anything to relax my mind before I do it all over again tomorrow…

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