3D ‘Touchable’ Sex Holograms to Become a Reality Soon! Until Then Ways to Have Sex with YOU During Quarantine

By | March 30, 2020
3D 'Touchable' Sex Holograms to Become a Reality Soon! Until Then Ways to Have Sex with YOU During Quarantine

3D ‘Touchable’ Sex Holograms To Become a Reality Soon! (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

While you sit here horny during quarantine, wishing you had your partner by your side, don’t you wish there was some kind of advancement in technology that would allow you to virtually have sex with your SOS? Well, while it is not completely true, experts are actually working on technology that could allow people to interact with touchable holograms in future. The ultrasonic emitters invented at the University of Sussex can one day help people to use holograms a sex toy. That might sound insane, but along with various other advancements in the world of sex and technology, this newbie is on its way. 2019 saw artificial intelligence-enabled sex-dolls, and not just female sex dolls, but even male sex dolls with a “bionic” penis (designed to bend and twist) grabbed headlines. Sex Robots Can Kill You; Simple Coding Errors Can Make Them Get Too Kinky for Comfort and Strangle You, Says Expert. 

Also known as Star Trek’s Holodeck it is described it is a space where a character can be turned into touchable 3D. According to the Daily Star, Dr Ryuji Hirayama and his team from the University of Sussex developed a new technique to create touchable holograms. This will enable a person to enjoy “virtual reality” experience without using goggles or other equipment that may act as a hindrance. Don’t you wish it already existed, especially during social distancing and quarantine when it could come in handy? Well, while this technology is yet to come in the market, here are some other ways you can have sex with yourself during quarantine:

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Explore Masturbation

Try out different erogenous zones in your body that you didn’t know turned you on! For example, if you are a woman and used to clitoral rubs, try fingering and vice versa. You can also explore the fetish world and see what you like (that doesn’t involve other people, given the current situation)

Sex Toys

Right from wand vibrators to clitoral vibrators, clit suction toys, dildos, butt plugs, G-spot toys and fleshlights, you can try out all kinds of sex toys during the quarantine. Electric Toothbrush as Sex Toy? Crazy Household Things People Have Used As Vibrators for Masturbation.

Try Perineum Massage

Men can try perineum massage. For those who do not know, the perineum is the area between the penis and the anus. It’s full of nerve endings and very sensitive you can try exploring the area on your own either with a sex toy or your finger.

“Our new technology takes inspiration from old TVs which use a single colour beam scanning along the screen so quickly that your brain registers it as a single image. Our prototype does the same using a coloured particle that can move so quickly anywhere in 3D space that the naked eye sees a volumetric image in mid-air,” says Dr Hirayama to TDS.

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