5 Habits You Need to Kick Off When You are a Diabetes Patient

By | September 3, 2018

We all know that diabetes is tough, but one can control it by managing it in a right way. The medication, the food, and the physical activity everything has to be proper in order to achieve a proper diabetes care. To manage your diabetes level you need to work closely on your daily habits and bring small lifestyle changes to get better results. To make most of what you can enjoy, here are some habits you need to alter in order to live well with diabetes.

1. Eating healthy in a small portion is a key to success

When you are a diabetic patient, whatever you eat affects your blood sugar level. This is because every kind of food contains sugar contents into it, but there is no food strictly off-limits. You just have to focus on what you eat and do not over stuff. Here are some points you need to keep a check on:

o Get plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
o Choose nonfat dairy and lean meats.
o Limit foods that are high in sugar and fat.
o Remember that carbohydrates turn into sugar, so watch your carb intake.
o Don’t forget to take the medicine for diabetes as prescribed.

2. Exercise regularly

Try to maintain an active lifestyle to control your diabetes. A regular exercising or walking for min 30mins to bring out the sweat helps you in controlling blood sugar level, ease stress and help you lose extra pounds.

3. Keep a strict checkup record

Try to keep a regular check on diabetes with a help of diabetes checking machine that you can purchase and check your sugar level at home. See you, doctor, twice a year.

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4. Watch on your smoking and alcohol habits

With diabetes comes the heart problems, smoking increases the chance of getting heart diseases. On the other hand, alcohol contains a reasonable amount of sugar that can alter your blood sugar level. Try to manage your alcohol intake and avoid sugar-based drinks.

5. Manage Stress

Your blood sugar level takes a steep strike when you are stressed or worried about something. You become very anxious and it gets hard to manage diabetes well. In tension, you may even forget to exercise, take medicine or eat right. To relieve stress make meditation/yoga your daily routine or you can even opt to do something that makes you feel relax.
Follow these simple habits into your daily routine and avoid the complication due to diabetes. If you think your diabetes is under control level, remember it is because of proper care and medication, don’t stop your medication or lower the dose without the advice of a doctor. Many pharmacies let you buy online medicine in India. Just order your dose of diabetes medicine and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

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