5 Reasons To Franchise Your Business

By | September 28, 2018

Thinking to franchise your business can be a daunting thought.  However, there are benefits to creating or joining a franchise that is useful for both the companies and the customers. It can be a long and complicated process to do, and many business owners hesitate to join one. However, now, when the competition in every industry is so fierce, most regret not joining a franchise and reaping its benefits.

It’s best to consider your option with the specificities of your business and industry in mind. Every company is unique in this way, and such a big decision should be made after careful deliberation.

A Steady Source Of Income

A small business could always use having a stable source of income that will allow it to pay day to day expenses which are always higher than you might think. Joining a franchise can help with this because there are royalties that are paid for being a part of one.

It also means that you can use mutual funds to expand your company or to improve it. This makes a business much less dependent on banks and therefore more secure for everyone involved.

Access To Talent

The most important resource a business has is its employees with the skills and the experience needed to run a company. It often takes time and money to find and train employees to meet your needs. This is where franchises can help because they provide you with a pool of employees since all the employees working for the franchise are your employees.

Just by being a part of a franchise you can attract better employees. When the whole franchise stands behind you, the employees will feel safer about joining your business. That’s something a small company can’t provide.


Companies that provide services, rather than goods, are mainly dependent on their reputation in the market. If someone had a good experience with your company, they can share it online and therefore put new customers at ease about the matter. It takes time to create such a reputation, and there’s no shortcut to it if you’re on your own.

For instance, looking for a mechanic business for sale means that you’re trying to find a company that has already established itself on the market. In some industries, this is the only way for a business to attract customers since word of mouth marketing is essential.


A business needs to grow if it wants to remain relevant. There are always risks involved in expanding a business because it’s an expensive process, and if it’s a new business, it might not take off.  These risks are significantly mitigated if you franchise your business.

Franchises have infrastructure put in place that can be used to expand and grow a business without having to start from the ground up for each of your new offices. It also allows you to take a look at the big picture when starting a business and create a company in an area where your services are needed.


Managing a company is a difficult job, and smaller companies are the ones that struggle with it the most. Being a part of a franchise means that you don’t have to be there for every minor issue that might arise when you’re running a company.  That creates two types of managers: the ones that manage the franchise as a whole and plan for the long term, and those that work on day-to-day tasks which can be somewhat challenging and often overwhelming but don’t affect the company as a whole.

There are a lot of reasons to franchise your business. It can help a small company find better employees and attract more customers.

Author:  Diana Smith

Nic Makim