Banana Nut Bread

By | April 9, 2019

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy, and simple banana nut bread recipe, this is it.

I don’t know about you, but every time I have a bunch of brown, semi-mushy bananas I get a little bit excited because that means it’s banana bread time!

We have always been big fans of minimal waste when it comes to food here at NS, which is why we always make an effort to think of fun and tasty options for our slightly “overripe” bananas, whether it popping them in a freezer for a smoothy, or in this instance, turning it into a delicious, cakey, gluten-free banana bread.

To be honest, anything baked seemed like a daunting task, full of meticulous and complicated steps and a slim margin for error. After a little practice and a few failed attempts, we managed to come up with a recipe that can be easily executed with minimal mess and delicious results!

Let’s be honest, the banana bread I ate when I was a kid was more like a cake, and a great excuse to eat dessert for breakfast. It was super sweet, contained additional sugars outside of the bananas, dairy, and for good measure, I would add butter and maple syrup on top. Banana bread will never be as good for us as kale for example, but now that we’re adults, it’s time we have a nostalgic treat that’s a little bit more guilt-free.

By substituting coconut sugar and maple syrup for refined sugar, using almond flour and toasting raw organic pecans I feel much less remorse when I go in for seconds, alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

p.s. If you just can’t wait for those bananas in your house to begin to change color, you can totally use yellow ripe bananas, it’ll still be delicious!

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Bananas are not just rich sources of potassium like most of us initially think of, they also contain manganese, copper, vitamin B6, and pectin which is a type of fiber that may help heal some digestive issues like stomach ulcers and overall improve bowel movements/regularity.

If you have a latex allergy, bananas are one of those fruits (as are kiwis and avocados) that contain compounds that are associated with a latex-fruit syndrome, a cross-reaction. If you have a latex allergy, be mindful and cautious when eating these fruits you may have a reaction such as itchy throat/mouth/nose/ears, hives, or stomach issues.

Bananas contain vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, biotin, copper, and magnesium.

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