Best reusable water bottles for 2019

By | September 23, 2019

According to a recent study 93 per cent of families say they are trying to use fewer plastic items.

The average UK household uses around 480 plastic bottles a year (about 40kg) and only recycles 270 of them. Of the 30 billion plastic bottles used in the UK each year, just 57 per cent are currently recycled.

Following the airing of the BBC’s Blue Planet II programme, which highlighted how plastics are damaging marine life, government and supermarket chains have been announcing schemes to help combat plastic waste.

As we all try to become greener in our approach to consumption, there are some simple things we all can do that doesn’t require much money, little effort and hardly no time at all – like invest in a reusuable water bottle. Here is our pick of the ten best that are available to buy now.

1. Chilly’s Avocado Water Bottle, £25, Harvey Nichols

Strictly for the millennials! This avocado print water bottle will add a bit of fun to staying hydrated.

It’s leak proof, stainless steel design works for both hot and cold drinks and it’s BPA free.

2. Nike Sport Water Bottle, £7.99, Sports Direct

Great option for those who like to train hard. The sports water bottle comes in a easy grip bottle and has a tilted head for easy use whilst you exercise.

3. Hip Pink Water Bottle, £15, Oliver Bonas

This stylish pink bottle is made with a silicone cap and ‘Tritan’ BPA-free plastic. It’s dishwasher safe and comes in three other colours – coral, blue and mint green.

The Hip company work with charity, Water for People, to make drinking water more accessible for all people.

By making a purchase you’ll guarantee two days of safe drinking water to those in need, in countries around the world.

4. S’well Calacatta Gold Marble Drinking Bottle, £35, Amazon

Pricey – yes, but it’s also achingly trendy so at least you get brownie points for being ‘cool’ if you rock up to hot yoga banding your marble patterned water bottle.

The vacuum sealed bottle ensure cold drinks stay cold, and hot drinks, well stay hot.

The mouth of the bottle is also big enough for ice cubes – because that’s just what you need when you’ve sweated your weight in water on your fashionable yoga mat.

5. Summit Aluminium Water Bottle, £6.95, eBay

Whether you need something for work or for the kids to take to school, or are a keen cyclist or runner these water bottles offer great value for money.

The durable aluminium bottle include a sports screw lid and plug ensuring there are no awkward spillages.

6. bkr ‘Madly’ Glass Water Bottle, £25, Amara

A favourite of A-listers like Gisele, Jennifer Garner and Alessandra Ambrosio, the bkr glass bottle can’t guarantee a body like the aforementioned celebs but we can be sure it will help you stay hydrated.

Probably to heavy for a get-up-and-go bottle, this one is ideal for keeping on your desk.

7.BRITA Fill and Go Vital Water Filter Bottle, £12, Amazon

Get pure, filtered water on the go using the special Brita disks that are activated natural carbon from coconut shells and contains millions of pores.

You won’t have to worry about funny after taste and van rest assured that you’ll get all the valuable minerals whether you’re on the go or lounging around the house.

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