Breast Cancer Treatment – Options To Look Out For

By | September 13, 2018

A woman’s breasts basically contain fat, numerous tissue and thousands of small glands, also known as lobules, which produce milk. If a woman delivers a baby, the milk is supplied to the nipple with the help of tiny tubes called ducts, which enables her to breastfeed.

The human body is comprised of billions of tiny cells. These cells multiply and grow in a particular fashion. New cells develop only where they are needed. In cancer, this order goes wrong, and cells begin to multiply and grow uncontrollably.

Breast cancer has a number of noticeable symptoms; however, this normally shows as a thickening or a lump in the breast tissue (It is to be noted that not all lumps are cancerous). If cancer is identified at an early stage, it can be treated well in advance before it spreads to other parts of the body.

If you identify or encounter any of these symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible. After an examination, the doctor may decide how to proceed with treatment. It’s an irony that the exact causes of breast cancer are still not understood; however, the factors that increase the likelihood of developing it is family history and age.

Women who have a family history and higher risk of developing breast cancer can undergo screening and genetic testing for the condition. It is wise to get the screening done once you reach 50 because age is considered an important factor that leads to breast cancer. Women should have breast cancer screenings every three years. Breast cancer is usually treated combining surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Some cases of breast cancer also demand biological or hormone treatments.

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer certainly affects a person’s daily life in many ways. However, all the cancer treatment centers in Dallas & Texas offer state of the art treatment options which not only treat cancer but these centers also render a helping hand to provide emotional and financial support along with addressing long-term health issues.

Today, one in ten women is diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. However, if it is identified at an early stage, there are good chances of recovery. For this reason, it is highly crucial that women perform a breast self examination on a regular basis and if they think they detect anything abnormal; they should consult a doctor immediately.

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