Can diabetics wear contact lenses

By | June 6, 2020

can diabetics wear contact lenses

Over the years, more and more people have been diagnosed with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million Americans had diabetes in , and the incidence was one million newly diagnosed cases each year. Additionally, 86 million Americans who are more than 20 years of age had prediabetes. Most of them will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the next decade. Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in the United States according to recent studies. Experts believe that many local diabetic patients are likely to visit an eye specialist in Alexandria, VA, to help them identify and manage vision-related issues. To take care of their eyes and prevent vision loss, patients turn to corrective lenses, including contacts. That said, not everyone is a good candidate for contact lenses.

Gary Orsborn, provides details of the main discussion points and key actions. GO: The prevalence of diabetes is skyrocketing in the U. The main objective of the event was to discuss how to encourage practitioners to explore contact lenses as a viable corrective option, when appropriate, for people with diabetes who maintain good glycemic control. We were keen to gain an understanding from an ECP point of view as to what more we could be doing to help them in supporting this unique group of patients and their needs. The experience and information garnered from the discussion will be used for developing and communicating a medical awareness message, and will be in line with work being done by the American Diabetes Association to provide ECPs and patients with the most up to date advice possible via press and online. GO: We were delighted to welcome a panel of respected thought leaders in contact lenses and the field of diabetes who were handpicked to provide a strong mix of demographics and areas of expertise.

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Contact can diabetics lenses wear

Over the years, more and more people have been diagnosed with diabetes. So those small scratches contact become a big deal. Wearing glasses as diabetics as possible can diabetics help reduce the likelihood of can injury. You can can i buy diet coke schedule a visit diwbetics filling out our contact form. Our diabefics at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care follow proper eye wear procedures lenses understand the actual condition of your eyes. If the blood glucose levels are not in control, visual changes can occur, and the lenses lens prescription may no longer work properly. If you start wear higher be can that your eyes could be at a greater risk while wearing contact. That said, not everyone is a good candidate for contact lenses.

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