Can Fruit Juices Help Combat Urinary Tract Infection? Read On To Find Out

By | August 22, 2018

Time and time again, science has proven that drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices…. Time and time again, science has proven that drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices on a regular basis can be beneficial to your health. Fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which are essential to maintain a healthy body. Also, several Kansas City urology experts recommend consuming fruit juices to those with urinary tract infections. Although, most people still doubt whether drinking fruit juices can actually be helpful to combat urinary tract infections.

Urinary Tract Infection – An Overview

The major cause of urinary tract infection is the bacteria that originate from the large intestine. Bacteria can easily enter the urethra, and when it does, it can move up to the bladder and sometimes leads to damaging the Kidneys, if left untreated. Those with urinary tract infections experience burning sensation during urination, a frequent urge to urinate, fever, cloudy urine, and pain in the lower abdomen. Women are likely to experience urinary tract infections more than men.

Urinary Tract Infection – Does Fruit Juice Work?

Alongside the medications offered by Kansas City urological care professionals to treat urinary tract infection, they also suggest their patients to consume certain types of fruit juices. Fruit juices indeed work to control urinary tract infection, because it can make bacteria less sticky and keep them away from attaching to the bladder walls. Fruit juices not just treat urinary tract infection, but can prevent the same as well.

Therefore, as experts suggest, patients are recommended to regularly sip fresh fruit juices everyday alongside the prescribed medications to treat urinary tract infection. Fruit juices and antibiotics work together to ward off the harmful effects of bacteria and bring urinary tract infections under control. Incorporating fresh fruit juices to your diet will also have several other benefits apart from preventing the possibility of urinary tract infection.

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Recommended Types Of Fruit Juices:

All kinds of fruit juices are proven effective in developing a strong immune system while also offering a range of nutritional benefits to your body. However, there are three popular fruits that deserve a mention, as they are highly recommended by medical professionals to treat urinary tract infections. They include Apple, Banana, and Cranberry.

These fruits can also be blended together and used as an ideal liquid remedy to effectively treat urinary tract infection. Cranberries, in particular, can help eliminate toxins from the bladder, kidneys, prostate and testicles, due to the presence of quininic acid. You can also mix pineapples to your apple, banana, or Cranberry juice to sweeten the drink and add more taste.

If you notice any symptoms of urinary tract infection, make sure that you consult with an expert specialized in urology care in Kansas City. Drink fresh fruit juices every day, as they are one of the best recommended home remedies for urinary tract infection. For more details, get in touch with a medical expert.

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