Can You Buy Steroids Online Legally In Nepal?

By | February 9, 2019

Nepal is the only country you can buy steroids over the counter. Their government doesn’t have any regulations on using steroids for bodybuilder, athletes and enthusiasts. You can even buy it just outside of their stadium.

There are reports that senior athletes uses steroids to improve the way they look and improve their strengths, and some took steroids in the form of chocolates given by their doctor. When one of the senior athletes found out that they were given steroids, he has observed a side effect that he cannot perform in bed for a week. This is just one of the side effects of steroids, one of the most common side effects.

Steroids are so legal in Nepal, that you doesn’t need a doctors prescriptions to buy it over the counter. Nepali athletes haven’t been involved with WADA (WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY) which prohibits athletes to use steroids to enhance their performance. Since it is widely used by the athletes of Nepal, some seniors advises junior athletes to try steroids if they are in doubt of their performance because of a sudden injury. 

WADA (WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY) had been known to harass athletes whom they suspected that been doping around the competition. They are the regulatory board who test athletes for using steroids or other doping medicines to enhance athletes performance before and during the competition. 

Steroids or performance enhancing products are banned in sports competition. Because holding or joining competition measures your strength and power that you worked hard for. Athletes training is never easy, it is always the one that will push you to your limit. Some athletes find it easy to perform using steroids because it enhances muscle functionality, relieves fatigue muscles, and heals injuries faster. That’s why using steroids is considered as a form of cheating in competition, not just in bodybuilding but also in other sports.

There are different regulations or laws about using, selling and manufacturing of steroids. Most of the country that produces and unregulating steroids are selling scammed of fake steroids and claims that they have a legitimate product. Many countries regulates steroids because of its addictive components. And if they are misused or abused most of the people’s lives are destroyed. Most country with regulated steroids sale has many cases of steroids abuse. 

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Nepal is just one of the countries that allows people to buy steroids over the counter, but with advices from the pharmacist. If people are disciplined about how to use it, and what products to use it is really possible to make it legal again. Meanwhile bunch of people still abuse the enhancement that steroid causes, the government still have to regulate its sales. There are other country that also doesn’t regulate buying of steroids over the counter, for as long as it would be just for personal use only. 

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