Cluster Headache Awareness Day 2020: What are Cluster Headaches? Here’s How Massages Work to Relieve the Unbearable Pain

By | March 21, 2020
Cluster Headache Awareness Day 2020:  What are Cluster Headaches? Here's How Massages Work to Relieve the Unbearable Pain

Cluster Headache (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

If there is one thing that brings all the discomfort in our lives, it is a headache. While there are different types of headache, cluster headache is the one that makes you suffer from unbearable pain. The level of discomfort is so high that you may find it challenging to focus on your daily activities. The headache is sometimes accompanied with a sleepless night, swelling of the eye, agitation and congestion of the nasal passage. So, what can you do to treat the chronic pain that can give you the worst nightmares? Here’s a low-down.

What are Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headache is the most painful type of headache. It occurs due to the increased sensitivity of the trigeminal nerve, which is located behind the eye. It is usually characterised by a banging pain in one specific area of the head. From Headache To Nausea, 7 Brain Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore!

How to Relieve the Pain Related to Cluster Headaches?

Massage therapy can work wonders to relieve you from the pain. It can help boost the levels of serotonin in the body, which is a pain-releasing hormone. The therapy can stimulate the blood flow in the nerve and reduce the pain. It can also be an incredibly relaxing experience. Is It Migraine or a Simple Headache? How to Tell the Difference.

What is Massage Therapy for Cluster Headaches?

During the massage, practitioners focus on 24 major points that include areas in the head, face, neck and hands. They make use of their thumb and fingers to release the congestion from the area. Experts also apply circulation massage over the two edges of the head to reduce pain and increase the blood flow to the area. Plus, they also use trigger therapy to slow down the pain in neck, head and facial regions. Full-Proof Hangover Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know To Prevent Pounding Headaches.

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Apart from the trigger therapy, practitioners also use deep tissue massage for pain relief. The deep tissue massage penetrates the deeper layers of the muscles and tissues, easing the cluster headache pain.

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