Coping With Injuries as a Man

By | September 14, 2020

However you injure yourself, the key is to recover properly so you are fighting fit and ready to get back to the action.

If you’re an active man who likes his sport, suffering an injury can come as a serious blow. Whether this injury came as a result of doing your favorite sport or from something like medical negligence, a car crash, or another type of accident, the result is the same – no sport and lots of rest for you.

A lot of us rely on sport to focus our minds and keep us happy and healthy. So what do we do when we lose that outlet?

Don’t stay in denial

It’s easy to think you’ll be okay and just carry on running or working out if you’re injured, but this can be a recipe for disaster. Denying that you’re hurt can make your injury a lot worse. Listen to your body and take some time off.

Stay positive

It’s natural to feel angry or frustrated when you are injured, especially if you miss a big game or race. But a positive outlook can be one of the best weapons in your arsenal to aid your recovery. Set rehab goals so when you achieve them you can celebrate small successes towards your ultimate goal of getting back into the sport you love.

Take it easy

When you start on the road to recovery, just make sure you aren’t too enthusiastic about the rehab exercise. Doing more weights or reps isn’t necessarily the best policy as more isn’t always better. Follow your rehab program and don’t over-do it – otherwise, you could end up delaying your recovery or even making your injury worse.

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Keep it up

It’s very easy to spiral into depression if you need long periods of downtime. The enthusiasm for your rehab routine can dwindle and you might miss the endorphin fix of sport and the camaraderie of being in a team. Try to fill your newfound time with other activities – preferably those that aren’t as physical and don’t exacerbate your injury.

Stay in touch with your teammates

Just because you’re injured, that doesn’t mean you can’t support your teammates – or even just hang out with them. Their support can be invaluable and allow you to visualize your final goal of getting back to playing. And your support when they’re playing could be a real boost to them!

Accept your injury

When you relax, accept your injury, and properly stick to your rehab program you’ll be on the road to recovery. If you’re stressed, it can cause muscle tension and even suppress immune function, which can delay how quickly you start feeling better.

However you injure yourself, the key is to recover properly so you are fighting fit and ready to get back to the action.

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