Counter tops 101 – Picking Your Kitchen Counter Top Materials

By | October 29, 2018

For numerous, their kitchen area is the most essential space in their home. And the majority of property experts concur that the best method to raise the residential or commercial property or improve worth of a house is to remodel the kitchen. The 4 major parts of a cooking area remodel usually involve replacing the significant home appliances, installing brand-new floorings, changing or re-facing the cooking area cabinets, and installing a new countertop. Let’s concentrate on that final part– changing your present kitchen countertop material with a new one.

Naturally, it includes more than just running off to the store to choose out a new countertop for your cooking area. You also require to believe about how much time and effort you’ll need to invest to maintain your brand-new countertop.

The first type of countertop that pops into the mind of every distressed kitchen area renovator is granite. There are numerous counter top products to pick from– and granite is only one of them. These days, a cooking area redesigning hopeful can pick tile, stone, acrylic, concrete, stainless-steel, and laminate, even wood!

Granite counter tops are the most popular but likewise the most costly. A granite counter top is really long lasting and will last a long time. A granite countertop will never ever go out of style and granite slab setup will greatly increase the worth of the home.

Besides granite, there are other different stone surfaces that can be used on kitchen area counters. Quartz, marble, soapstone, slate, and limestone surface areas are popular today. Marble is cool and smooth, ideal for cooking directly on the surface. It’s not as resilient as granite and requires more sealing maintenance to protect from staining. Slate is extremely durable and has such a distinct surface that it can really stick out in a cooking area. As slate has actually been used as a roof material, it doesn’t need as much sealing defense, but some maintenance is still required. Limestone is really porous and spills must be treated quickly to prevent staining. It has a natural, weathered appearance that can darken and deepen gradually. Natural quartz has a look just like slate however does not scratch or stain as quickly. Engineered quartz has actually been acquiring appeal as well, but the expenses are significantly more (crafted products are a quartz composite item mixed with epoxy, polymers, and small stones or pebbles for a distinct look.).

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Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile has been popular in kitchens for years. It is available in a substantial range of shapes, designs, and colors. The tiles can be a little as a square inch and as big as 6 square inches. The tiles are durable and also have a few of the very same heat and scratch resistance qualities as granite. The porcelain tiles are normally more pricey than the ceramic tiles, however the porcelain tiles are more durable and the hardest fired type of tiles. Downsides of tile? It can chip quickly, more pricey than laminate alternatives, and the grout can be a problem. When putting the tiles together, there are grout lines in between each of them and grout can stain really quickly. It will require a lot more upkeep to keep it looking great. Since of the grout problems, the capability for the tiles to break and chip quickly, and the general expense, it is best to leave the setup work to an expert.

A concrete counter top is pigmented and can be polished into a glossy and smooth surface that can look like any natural stone. Concrete is rather porous and needs to be regularly sealed, similar to granite, to withstand discolorations. You can not cut on the concrete surface without leaving marks.

When it comes to a stainless steel kitchen area counter, a dining establishment would probably be the first thing one would think of. There is a reason most dining establishments use this product. Resilience, stain and water resistance, low maintenance, a myriad of size and shape choices are simply a few of those reasons. It’s also really simple to clean and you can put a hot plate or pan on the surface without concern of damaging it. Downside– many don’t like the “industrial” look of it. It can be rather expensive to have actually made. Cutting on it can leave marks and it can be easy to dent. It’s crucial to make sure the surface area is at least 18 gauge and has eight to 10 percent nickel in it.

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Just about any wood can be made into countertops. Bamboo countertops are the newest pattern!

The four significant components of a kitchen area remodel usually include changing the significant appliances, installing brand-new floorings, changing or re-facing the kitchen area cabinets, and installing a new countertop. Let’s focus on that final part– replacing your current cooking area counter top product with a brand-new one.

Naturally, it involves more than simply running off to the store to pick out a brand-new counter top for your kitchen area. The really first type of countertop that pops into the mind of every anxious kitchen renovator is granite. A granite countertop will never go out of design and granite piece setup will significantly increase the worth of the house.
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