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By | February 14, 2019

A Traverse City dental clinic is brightening some smiles, and it’s been a tradition for more than two decades.

Deerhaven Family Dentistry hosted their annual Doctors with a Heart free dental clinic Wednesday.

They do it for anyone who can’t afford routine dental care.

This is the 21st year for free teeth cleaning, fillings, xrays and tooth extractions, and it all comes at no cost to the patients.

“It’s so gratifying because for many of these people this is the only time they ever get to go to the dentist. They just can’t afford to go any other way. So it’s gratifying to know we’re getting them out of pain, helping them out, and making a small impact in their life somehow,” says Dr. Steve Niegarth.

The clinic says they also partner with other specialists in town who can provide more extensive treatment to patients who need it.

The next big event will be a free day for veterans, scheduled around Veterans Day.

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