Diet plan for epilepsy

By | August 25, 2020

diet plan for epilepsy

Drinking water helps us to function and concentrate, and reduces the risk of seizures triggered by dehydration. Following Up After starting the diet, you can schedule minute follow-up visits with our Center. Both diets have proved successful in children, yet they are studied in adults insufficiently. Similar dietary treatments for epilepsy The following diets have more flexible approaches, which may suit older children or adults. The name ketogenic means that it produces ketones in the body. Steady energy levels can help you to feel more active, and the positive effects of exercise may also help to reduce seizures in some people with epilepsy. At present the ketogenic diet is mostly used with children whose epilepsy is not responding to AEDs. There is different advice for women, children, and babies.

Remember, all of these foods are carefully weighed and measured. This may help reduce the risk of seizures for some people with epilepsy. Unlike the flr diet for children, this therapy diet not require a epilepsy stay, an initial fasting plan, food weighing, fluid measuring, or calorie counting. With a school-aged child, keeping them on the diet during the school day is difficult but essential. Making one change at a time is best.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Learn about our expanded patient care options for your health care needs. Epilepsia Open. Preparing food Making your own meals gives you more control over what you are eating. Skip Navigation. We recommend that you take the time to talk to a family member or friend about your intentions to improve your diet. However, the safety of this still needs to be examined.

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