Diet Sabya Calls Out Bigg Boss 9 Winner, Prince Narula for His ‘Bur-Bezzi’ Fashion Stint (View Post)

By | March 6, 2020
Diet Sabya Calls Out Bigg Boss 9 Winner, Prince Narula for His ‘Bur-Bezzi’ Fashion Stint (View Post)

Prince Narula (Right) Diet Sabya’s Instagram Post (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Diet Sabya, the self proclaimed fashion critic that every celebrity has thought of not to rub the wrong way, has off lately turned his analysing roving eye towards the television world. The analyst is a pro at calling out plagiarised versions of designs that are copied by others and has never shied away from calling them ‘Gandi Copies.’ His first big television expose was Divyanka Tripathi’s rip off of Sabyasachi’s tiger motif belt, which created a huge uproar in the entertainment world. And after picking apart many B-Towners for their ‘Gandi copies’, Diet Sabya’s latest target is yet another television hunk – Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula and his latest wardrobe choice. Diet Sabya Drops a Major Fashion Alert, Asks Fans if Ananya Panday’s Filmfare 2020 Look Is a Copycat Version From Deepika Padukone’s Closet?.

For an event, Prince sported chequered separates synonymous with the Burberry. In fact, the colour palette is also the same as Burberry’s. In his instagram story, Diet Sabya called Prince’s outfit ‘Bur-Bezzi’.

Check It Out Below:

Diet Sabya Calls Out Prince Narula’s Wardrobe Choice (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Close Up of Prince Narula’s Outfit:

As Diet Sabya has an eagle’s eye for fashion we do get the page’s point. However, it is very clear that while Burberry clearly seems to be the inspiration, the Fabric, as well as the vibe, does not look Burberry-ish at all. And the answer to which brand the outfit belongs can only be answered by Prince himself. Are you listening?

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