Federal Government Mandates Vaccine Reeducation Camps — The Dystopian Future Has Arrived

By | April 1, 2019

While parents claim their vaccine-injured children are being swept under the rug, federal and state authorities in the U.S. are cleaning up such “misinformation” by eliminating — with the hope of preventing from ever being seen — books, movies and websites touting harms of vaccines. As recently reported by The Washington Post:1

“YouTube said it was banning anti-vaccination channels from running online advertisements. Facebook announced it was hiding certain content and turning away ads that contain misinformation about vaccines, and Pinterest said it was blocking ‘polluted’ search terms, memes and pins from particular sites promoting anti-vaccine propaganda … Amazon has now joined other companies … pulling books touting false information about autism … and vaccines.”

According to CBS News,2 Google is also “reducing recommendations of … content or videos that could misinform users in harmful ways.”

Plan for Inoculating Vectors of Misinformation Contagion Announced

According to bioethics professor Bart Craplin, parents of brain damaged children are dangerous vectors of misinformation contagion3 and pose a very serious threat to public health.

However, it’s not entirely their fault, he points out. In all of these cases, the children’s decline in health coincided with exposure to vaccine misinformation, causing these parents to wrongfully assume that their children’s vaccinations played a role.

By removing all sources of vaccine misinformation and reeducating these confused parents, “we’ll be able to inoculate them both mentally and physically,” Craplin said during a recent news conference, at which the government’s plan for mandatory vaccine reeducation camps was announced.

“The power of social media, particularly in the vaccine space, is so strong that it’s leading to fear of vaccines, which is leading to epidemics, which is putting people at risk,” Craplin said, adding, “For the greater good, clearly there is a role for targeted censorship of vaccine misinformation. Pharmaceutical decisions should be made by educated physicians and politicians, not misinformed individuals.”

As reported by The Washington Post:4

“The anti-vaccine movement has been sustained … by fraudulent research from 1998 that purported to show a link between autism and a preservative used in vaccines — despite numerous studies that have provided conclusive evidence that vaccinations do not cause autism.

False anti-vaccine claims continue to sweep the internet, prompting concern from public health experts, lawmakers and from parents who are not able to get their children vaccinated because of medical conditions and rely on others to do so. In fact, the World Health Organization has named ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as one of the ’10 threats to global health in 2019.'”

The impetus for federally run vaccine reeducation camps was the failed attempt at reeducation in Ontario, Canada. Starting in 2017, parents leery of vaccinating their children have been required to attend a 25-minute video presentation of vaccine safety facts.

Alas, as reported by the National Post,5 beta testing groups show that the initial reeducation effort has so far resulted in “a zero percent conversion rate.”

The failure of this program made it clear to U.S. officials that reeducating ignorant parents would require far more than a simple presentation of vaccine propaganda. As a result, the U.S. reeducation camps will service individuals for as long as is necessary for successful conversion to established parameters of knowledge. And, to eliminate any possibility of pollution of facts, individuals will not be permitted contact with the outside world during their stay.

Censorship Required to Combat Nonsensical Fears

As reported by CBS News, “Every major medical body and federal office agrees: Vaccines are safe and effective. But that’s often not the message you get if you’re a parent poking around online.”6

Fortunately, the federal government is here to protect the public health, and despite federal cutbacks believes it has the required funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to do so.

In light of the World Health’s Organization listing vaccine misinformation as one of the top 10 public health threats of 2019, high-ranking government and health officials are in unanimous agreement that eliminating vectors of misinformation contagion, online and in the real world, is at the top of the national agenda and no expense will be spared to ensure the population’s health and safety.

In a letter to Amazon CEO Rep. Schifty, who co-wrote the new vaccine reeducation camp bill, stressed the public health responsibility of technocrats, urging the company to live up to its potential as a social engineering leader:7

“There is no evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases, and the dissemination of unfounded and debunked theories about the dangers of vaccinations pose a great risk to public health … Every online platform, including Amazon, must act responsibly and ensure that they do not contribute to this growing public health catastrophe.”

Monopolies Prove Their Altruism

The good news is technology monopolies are proving to be as altruistic as multinational drug companies, stepping up to collectively work with the federal government to have all dangerous content removed for “the greater good” — which, ironically, is the title of one of the misinformation contagion vectors recently removed from all tech platforms.

In a statement, Dr. Fauxi, director of the National Conglomerate of Infectious Disease Provocation, a new division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), said:

“We need to rescue the public from this dangerous misinformation, and shut down this fake debate. Those claiming that vaccine injury occurs are liars. Vaccine injuries are nonexistent; they simply do not occur, and the public, especially parents who claim vaccine injuries, need to be reeducated — no matter how long it takes or how much it costs.

The overwhelming evidence clearly shows disability after vaccines is just an epidemic of coincidence. We’re dedicated to helping these seriously misinformed parents by establishing reeducation camps in every state.

In time, no one will be able to recall a day when people doubted or distrusted the safety of vaccines. We’re taking the first solid step into a brand-new world where singular truth will reign supreme, as it should.”

Civil Re-Entry Qualifications

According to the new law, which will take effect on April 1, 2020, each vaccine reeducation camp will provide federally sanctioned reeducation on vaccines depending on level of vaccine resistance.

Level 1 will include such infractions as reading or sharing social media posts containing anti-vaccination sentiments. Level 2 will include level 1 infractions plus public voicing of anti-vaccination sentiments such as “I know someone who was injured by a vaccine.”

Claiming to have a vaccine-injured child will be considered a level 3 infraction, requiring the longest and most intense reeducation, regardless of whether the individual has engaged in any level 1 or level 2 infractions.

Following successful reeducation of unspecified length at a federally sanctioned reeducation camp, parents will be given a certificate good for re-entry into society. At that point, they will be able to provide pre-established and appropriate answers to safety questions about vaccines, and both they and their children will be up-to-date with all vaccinations.

The necessity for standardized public re-entry certification became apparent after states like Oregon passed legislation banning vaccine-deficient individuals from encroaching on the public’s physical space. As stated in the state’s amendment, section 2:8

state's amendment, section 2

Elimination of Hate Groups ‘Guaranteed’

In collaboration with government, Amazon.com is also cracking down on the ability of “hate groups” that represent parents of vaccine-injured children and physicians with a conscience to raise money through AmazonSmile, the Amazon fundraising portal, Mother Jones reports.9

Dr. Hatez, commenting on this news and the impending implementation of federally mandated reeducation, said:10,11

“It’s great we’ve finally found a way to guarantee the elimination of these hate groups … Parents — delusional from grief over what is in truth an epidemic of coincidence — hate vaccines; they hate public health and they hate their brain-damaged kids.

And this delusion is wholly the result of reading lies spread by anti-vaxx hate groups. Finally, the lies will be silenced and government officials qualified to provide proper love and care will be in charge of these children’s welfare. Any citizen who makes a negative statement about vaccines will be fully prosecuted under existing hate crime laws.”

Dr. Proffit, a vaccine inventor, and chief of the division of infectious diseases at a prominent children’s hospital, agrees, saying:

“Objection of any vaccine on the grounds of religious or philosophical beliefs negates science. You don’t get to negate science just because you oppose injection of aborted fetal cells. This is the 21st century.

If you are a parent who believes your child was injured by a vaccine, you need to be properly reeducated on the facts, and your child needs to go to the state where their rights will be honored and protected and their health overseen by people who truly love them. I, and people like me, will love your child.”

Zero Tolerance Policy on Vaccine Resistance

As previously noted by Fauxi:

“We have hundreds more vaccines coming down the pipeline, and there is no way we are going to stand for anti-science resistance to any of them. HIV, herpes, obesity, anti-opioid, anticrack, anticholesterol, antidiabetes, antifatty liver, all rhinoviruses and influenza types — these are all vaccines that are crucial for public health.

The anti-autism vaccine for pregnant women and their babies is going to be a game changer. The more of these vaccines we can get into all pregnant women, newborn babies and children, the better off we’ll be as a society.

It’s going to require plenty of boosters, of course, to maintain the nearly 100 percent herd immunity requirement. Throughout adulthood, people will need to repeat all of their childhood vaccinations every five or 10 years.

We simply cannot have outbreaks like mumps12 and whooping cough13 among the vaccinated, and if we need to vaccinate everybody every year, that’s what we’ll have to do. Until we eliminate every known disease, we simply must increase the frequency of vaccination.

We are closing in on the ability to perfectly engineer our immune systems through genetic modification, this will be a responsibility of all parents to ensure their children receive this scientific gift. After seeing the benefits of mandatory vaccination, the next step will require everyone to have their immune systems genetically perfected to protect public health as well.”

Indeed, while some say censorship is the last resort of a dying conspiracy, TruthGuard, a Wall Street and government-endorsed third party terminator of misinformation sees it differently. Chief Terminator Winston Smith14 knows that once the science is settled, opposing views must be eliminated or we’ll never make progress.

“Science and truth have only one side. There is no other side,” he says, finishing off his statement with a poem he wrote for the inauguration of the first reeducation camp in Washington D.C.:

“Technocracy is the dream to light the candle’s head

‘I’ll plow the path through the darkness, I’m here to help’ AI said

Chip Chop, Chip Chop — Cut the noise, so you won’t be misled

Trust me for all the answers, till the last thought is fed”

You Can Trust Your Government

To aid in the nationwide conversion effort, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has partnered with drug companies to ensure the optimization of public health through the standardization of consensus science and medicine.15

While the CDC does accept funds from commercial interests, the agency uses easy-to-understand disclaimers stating they do not accept commercial funding. Such simplified disclaimers are an essential tool in the CDC’s public service strategy, as it prevents people from wasting precious time wondering whether conflicts of interest might influence public health policy.16 As explained by a CDC spokesman:

“We are free of industry bias even though a lot of our funding comes from corporations selling FDA-regulated products that we promote and want states to mandate. So, it’s best to just say that we don’t take commercial funding in our disclaimers.

It may sound confusing to the average person, but if you are a pharmaceutical company or work at the CDC, it’s very simple. This money helps us do more for Big Pharma, and do it much faster.

Drug company funding is like greasing the wheels of the CDC, so it’s really more like grease than it is money. So, it’s easier to just say we don’t take pharma money or Coca-Cola money — we just take grease, and trust me, greasing the wheels at the CDC is good for everybody.”


This piece is our April Fool’s article. While written in jest, some of the details herein are in fact true, or disturbingly close to it, and the article could be suggestive of what we might face in the near future, should we fail to take corrective action to protect and preserve vaccine exemptions, informed consent and medical freedom of choice.