Foods that Can Damage Your Brain: 5 Things You Eat That Can Slowly (But Surely) Cause Memory Loss and Brain Fog

By | September 16, 2019
Foods that Can Damage Your Brain: 5 Things You Eat That Can Slowly (But Surely) Cause Memory Loss and Brain Fog

Brain Fog (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Want to stay sharp as knife? Add a lot of IQ-boosting foods in your diet but also eliminate some of them. Yes, the mind is one vital organ that needs vittles, but with regular consumption of a few foods you could start to experience memory loss and cognitive decline. Quite ironically, these could be the foods you add to your plate every single day. Wonder what they are? We give you a low down of top foods that kill your brain slowly, but surely.

1. Hydrogenated Oil

You know that foods with “partially hydrogenated oil” can up your risk of obesity and heart disease by at least ten times. But a diet high in trans fats can also cause serious brain drain. Trans fats can increase beta-amyloid, a peptide plaque that deposits in the brain and causes Alzheimer’s disease. So maybe it is high time to cut back on fried and processed foods and baked goods. Instead, Eat These 5 Best Foods for the Brain That Will Make You Smarter

2. Fructose

Yes, fructose is sugar, but this specific type of sugar affects the brain way differently than table sugar. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiology, eating too much fructose could hamper how brain cells use and store sugar for energy. So you will probably struggle to navigate a road or remembering a phone number if your diet is high in fructose. Fruits too are high in sucrose but you don’t have to lay them off from your diet as they do not cause any mental decline. Want to Improve Your Brain Health? A Study Says That Inhaling Can Increase Your Thinking Capacity

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3. Processed Foods

Not all processed foods are high in fat or sugar, but they might still be high in sodium. A study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging suggests that a diet rich in sodium can cause brain fog. A high sodium diet is directly linked to high blood pressure and heart problems and high systolic blood pressure is associated with increased cognitive decline.

4. Iron and Copper Supplements

Take the iron and copper supplements only if they are advised by your physician. Yes, they are important for your health but excessive consumption of heavy metals like copper and iron can hinder the clearance of beta-amyloid, a type of plaque that may block certain cell communications and lead to nerve cell death.  Your Brain Responds Better To Angry Voices Than To Happy or Normal Voices

5. Tuna

A tuna sub now and then is okay but regular consumption of foods high in mercury can dip your cognitive function. So before you swear in seafood every damn day, think twice. If you love seafood, consider consuming mackerel and sardines that have low mercury levels.

Also, avoid foods rich in saturated fats as they impair your brain’s ability to learn and form new memories within as little as ten minutes after mowing down.

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