Health Facts You Need to Know About Smoking E-Cigs

By | December 12, 2018

The e-cigarette market is blowing up. Invented in 2003, today, there over 500 e-cig brands in the market and global sales topped 7 billion dollars in 2015. Amid this boom, there is an ongoing debate on the health ramifications of using e-cigs and what the list of the best electronic cigarette options is. While both sides of the divide argue for and against the use of e-cigs, there are a few things they all agree to, as outlined below.

Anyone can use an e-cig

Most e-cigs are marketed as an aid to quitting smoking cigarettes. The reality, however, is that anyone can use e-cigs in a safe manner. The thinking behind this marketing is that most people who use the devices are trying to quit smoking.

As a result, this data skews the overall numbers of vapers and leads to the assumption that it is only appropriate for smokers trying to quit. Whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, e-cigs represent a safe and less addictive alternative to smoking cigarettes.

On the other hand, often times, curing an addiction can be extremely difficult. Replacing a bad habit with a healthier one then becomes a good alternative. Vaping offers such a possibility where because it’s healthier than smoking, it can offer a good alternative hobby for those looking to distract themselves.

E-cigs are not vetted by the FDA

All e-cig manufacturers are required to state that the devices are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration authority. While not explicitly compelled by law, they disclose this to ensure users are aware.

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What this means for those seeking to use e-cigs is that using products from just any manufacturer can carry some hazards. As there are no standards governing their manufacture, it is advisable to always seek out reputable brands that have consistently good reviews and high-quality standards.

Working with brands that have already been in the market, have proven themselves to their client base and have good reviews is one of the few ways to vet a brand. This means, stay away from brands that offer little information about the way their products work and stick to what is popular.

Product quality varies

Following on the lack of FDA regulation or any other industry standards, there are no best practice benchmarks when it comes to e-cigs. Most manufacturers will develop their products based on what they feel the market requires. From a quality perspective, this means what goes into the vaping liquid, the design of the vaping device and other factors will differ.

This can have a significant bearing on a user’s health if the quality of the product they are using is substandard. As such, users should always try and stick with reputable brands with widespread use and acceptance. Once again, we emphasize staying away from lesser known brands, focusing on reputable ones and properly researching which brands are the best.

E-cigs have less toxic compounds

One of the major things that bedevil the cigarette industry is the toxic chemicals included in cigarettes that have been linked to lung cancer and other serious health conditions. In contrast, e-cigs tend to have few to none of these toxic compounds.

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In general, most e-cigs have an e-liquid that contains nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings. To date, there is little evidence linking e-cigs to dangerous side effects. However, it should be noted that there have not been any large-scale studies conducted so it is still too early to completely rule out any negative effects.

E-cigs can also be addictive

While many smokers turn to e-cigs to help them quit smoking, nicotine-based e-cigs also carry the potential of causing addiction if overused. Like anything that is fun, low-cost, and virtually harmless, it’s easy to turn vaping from a hobby to an obsession.

For non smokers however, it can be slightly more troublesome. Due to the lack of prior smoking history, such users will tend to overdo it without considering the addictive nature of nicotine as a psychoactive agent. It’s like if chocolate didn’t have any negative side-effects – everyone would be eating it all the time!

If considering using e-cigs, exercise caution when using the devices to ensure an addiction does not form from the habit.